Download Ruby/SDL

Latest Version

You can now download Latest version from rubyforge. Source code tarball and win32 compiled binaries are available.


You can use this binary with mswin32's binary, you can get it from <URL:>.

Please note that you may not play mp3 with this binary, therefore you should use OggVorbis alternatively.


This package contains Ruby/SDL, DLLs, ruby interpreter. Only add c:\ruby\bin to environment variable `PATH', then you can use Ruby/SDL.

How to install Ruby/SDL on Windows

First, you should install mswin32 ruby. You get binary from <URL:>, extract archive and set environment variable `PATH'.

Second, download the rubysdl-win32-bin archive from rubyforge, extract it and run following command from command-prompt

ruby install_ruby.rb

Enjoy Ruby/SDL!

Older version

Old SGE Patch